A rebrand visualizing “the pipes” that exchange health data accurately, efficiently, securely, and at scale.

Leading API platform Vericred needed to better communicate its expertise in streamlining the health insurance and employee benefits industries, reflecting its monumental growth and mission as innovation catalysts.

Following a $23 million infusion from a Series B funding round, my mission was to transform Vericred into Ideon — and make it noticeable. I was trusted to lead a wide-ranging team of marketers, developers, technologists, and designers in creating a robust visual identity.

Logo Design
Visual Design
Art Direction

Creative Direction
Project Management
Print Collateral
Trade Show Design
Digital Marketing

100 Yards


At the heart of this brand transformation lies a distinctive logo, featuring the fusion of "e" and "o" to symbolize the seamless sharing of critical data and the flow of information that Ideon facilitates.


An innovative website was created, boasting high interactivity, intricate animations, and parallax scrolling to provide seamless navigation for visitors.

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