A bold new seal of approval for a natural products testing firm

Alkemist Labs is a pioneer natural products testing company that guides health and beauty companies in verifying claims and formulations for FDA approval. My team created a unique, memorable identity that has become Alkemist’s new seal of approval. This extends to everything from official certificates of analysis to ad campaigns, trade shows and their website.

In 2015 we were awarded a Type Director's Club Award for Excellence.


Alkemist Labs Branding, Website


Creative Direction
Art Direction

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 4.47.40 PMScreen Shot 2021-07-20 at 4.47.40 PM

The previous logo took a “kitchen sink” approach, fusing together a beaker, a ginko plant, a ginseng root, molecules, atoms, a banner... oh, and add to that a few outter rings! Our approach was simply to take a large “A” and form a beaker out of it. The clever, stark result instantly added prestige, allowing Alkemist to elevate their perception amongst competitors overnight.

The website needed equal appeal to indie supplement brands looking for easy answers to their product testing needs and appearing relevant to larger “Big Pharma” industry players. We relied on the starkness of the branding to cut through, and added a warm palette of colors inspired by the midcentury modern’s sense of scientific wonder. We created the website into a clear three step process that highlights their process, and value proposition.



Alkemist’s stationery using the warm, sophisticated brand colors on one side, while the information side keeps things all-business. At trade shows, the stylish overall look stands apart from competitors, which all seem to have forgettable branding.


We launched a sophisticated ad campaign that uses strong visuals of the logo's hexagon to focus-in on silhouettes of botanicals which may be disingenuously disguising themselves. The language is direct, and brash, rather than clinical scientific — reflecting their young and iconoclastic CEO‘s personal style. 




Stylish polo shirts with the logo embroidered loud and rproud are given to all staff who aren't in the lab, helping to create a comfortable business atmosphere. Everyone is given three shirts, each in the brand colors, to rotate into their week. The result is a colorful, yet organized look.