Websites and digital solutions custom-tailored to be engaging for art and commerce

My approach to digital is the same as everything else: be memorable. Of course, there are the practical matters of navigation, content, device, and code. But all that becomes irrelevant unless the site is memorable. This comes by way of careful planning.

Like houses, websites require architects and builders to work together seamlessly. Working with top developers is key, and I have directed teams large and small. The sites you'll see below use a variety of technologies, yet all share at least one memorable "hook" to help guide the eye and hold your interest.

Friend + Johnson
James Porto
Alkemist Labs
Velo Classic
M Studio
Anne Edgar Associates
Faucher Artists
M. Erbs
William Geddes
Robert Tardio
Wigwam Mills
Judith Miller Associates
Marshall Watson Interiors


Art Direction

Creative Direction
Content Planning

Programming Supervision